Diwali Lamps

Final Word on Crackers on Diwali

Let’s give it a try. By not bursting firecrackers this time? I know it is a cliche but have we really given it a go, completely ever? Obviously, I cannot force or coerce anyone. I am just thinking out loud.

  • What if, the next morning of Diwali, roads look a bit cleaner, devoid of white and red leftovers of the crackers, half-burnt sparkle sticks, crushed flower pots, and rockets gone haywire?
  • What if, the air feels a bit lighter than the usual next day? Easier to breathe for non-asthmatic people too.
  • What if, instead of spending 2 hours outside the home, you reconnect with family and friends, just by having a conversation?
  • What if, money spent on Firecrackers can be put to some other use?
  • We have known Diwali to be full of loud noises throughout the evening and late into the night. What if it is just silent in decibels? But all the shiny and fancy clothes, houses, markets, and shops staying intact.
  • What if it works out and we end up liking it this way?

Let’s give it a try.