Fight Club

Man is an animal. Social or not, is still being researched in labs. But animal nonetheless. What do animals do when they don’t agree on stuff? They fight. But somehow this got twisted. Earlier when men disagreed, they used to sort it out by debating, arguing and even then if the matter still did not solve, they resorted to physical way of sorting their stuffs. But that was then. Now, there are people who earn money by arguing for the people involved in a disagreement and then they seek the final ruling from a person who keeps publishing judgements by referring to a book some learned people wrote a while back. But how long an animal can remain tamed? There is a limit no! You just loosen your pet’s rope, your pet won’t take much time to go 9211. Same way, it has been a long time, man has been kept tamed by the books. When I say man, I mean man.

So majority of men are not in agreement with their fates. Each and everyday, man gets frustrated. This frustration is sometimes because of the book which his uncles wrote, which was supposed to bring equality and justice to him but it failed. It failed because of other men who had better brains and pro-active traits used the book to their benefits. Darwin’s survival of the fittest is one of the best known facts on this planet. No matter what the era is, only the fit will survive. Nowadays fitness is measured by the amount of that specially minted paper you have in your pocket. So those who don’t have such stuff, shouldn’t feel frustrated for this is just science. But then, men also have this emotional harmones in their brains. So they get frustrated. They cannot help but get bogged down because of the things which happen around them. They get frustrated because of no monies in their pocket, no hope of any decently earning job, no hope from the government, no appreciation from their boss, no sense of driving on the road, no replies from that girl, no hope in anything.

A man keeps accumulating this frustration till the brim and finally one day it spills out. Mostly on the physically weaker counterpart of the man. On those who won’t retaliate. Beating up wives is the easiest thing to do a man can think of. Scolding his kid for everything and anything and eventually going physical is the way to go. Beat, thrash and scold the people you know. Best way to take your frustrations out. Because when they suffer, you suffer (remember Stan?) and it becomes an addiction. Wash, rinse, repeat. Replace water with the people you think cannot fight back. Or if you are on the road, take your anger out on the fellow driver. Abuse, go physical, do whatever you can to transfer your anger to the other guy.

Then there is one more way. Go out and eve tease any female you see. It is the easiest thing to do in this country. Not only, you will be able to curb your desires but also, your frustrations will feel soothing. Moreover, now a days this is in Fashion as well. So have your chance, do the due.

But, wait, wait.. before you do any harm to anyone else, I have an idea. Actually the idea is Tyler Durden’s. But I also have the same idea. Why don’t you find people who are frustrated like you are? Find them, ask them to come to a safe place at the night after work (or if you are unemployed, anytime is good). Start. Beat the hell out of each other. Bring out your masculinity there. Bring out the real you, the untamed wild animal who was never tamed but just dormant-ed because of some hypocrisy. The blood you will see on other’s face will help to calm down your frustrations. Start a Fight Club I say. This will not only do a hell lot of good to you, except some bruises or worst case you dead but at least you will not hurt the weaker people who cannot retaliate against you. Just pick up someone your own size, to be precise. Just in case you feel guilty after hurting the minnows.

The only other thing which can tame a man, is education. Not schooling, but education. So either we need to educate people or let them start a fight club. No other solution to this system.

P.S.: If this doesn’t make sense to you, its okay. If there are grammatical mistakes in this, still okay. Nobody bothers. I had to take my frustration out, so I puked it over here.