The World is Round (if you see it from my i)

I don’t know if it is just me but I find that people who wear Circular Lenses/ Round Frames/ Windsor Spectacles, turn out to be revolutionaries. Time and again, someone came up with this kind of glasses and people went crazy for them. And this has happened across cultures. I need not mention the achievements the following people did as everyone will be able to identify them instantly.

Not exactly him but the stories is what our generation grew up with

And then…


When I was growing up in the Nostalgic 90s, the world was changing faster than it did in the last few decades. Everything was becoming Digital from Analog. Though many of my friends had already seen and touched it, only in 1996 I got my hands on the thing called a Personal Computer in school Computer Lab. We were asked to keep our shoes outside the lab for some reason. That made the whole experience more mysterious. From the outside of the lab, one could hear the sound of Dot Matrix Printer. Heavenly scratching sound which only the Radio could match when stations were tuned. We entered the lab. It was dim. Obviously, I had seen them on TV and probably at other kids’ homes but this was the first time I got the chance to lay my fingers on them. It was White. It had deep black and white screen where one could see actual rastering on the CRT screen if the eyelids were kept slightly closed. And then we did the best thing in the world one could do. Make a circle on the screen by giving instructions to it, in LOGO.

REPEAT 360 [FD 1 RT 1]

And I loved it. I decided at once that I need this at home. NOW. But due to some reasons, I couldn’t get it. Later in 1997, my friend bought one. I went to his home one day and they were watching ‘Titanic‘ on it. Probably, they were at that scene so as soon as I entered their room, they switched it off abruptly. I was jealous. Then later in 1998, I saw this on TV.


I became more jealous. I asked my parents when can I have this thing. They said that they’ve heard that Computer distracts good students from studying (which holds true) so they’ll buy one for me when I actually need it. So around that time and 1999, people had started buying Personal Computers at home. I got to know that one another version of Personal Computer was there and it was called ‘iMac’. Totally droolable stuff even then. Sigh. I got my computer in 2004 FYI.

Steve Jobs was one figure who actually revolutionized this personal technology thingy. I won’t go further as everyone knows it already. I don’t own any Apple product even now. Though I want to have them all. The only Apple product I use is their software iTunes. And yet I admire Steve Jobs and his work continues to amaze me. His greatest ‘tech intervention’ is the tablet. I am sure it will ultimately replace our notebooks and textbooks. It is just a matter of time. That’s what his vision must have been, isn’t it? What fascinated me when I was growing up was made by him and his team and people like him. Though, I hope someone else will rise up like him and keep us involved in the hype when a new gadget gets revealed.

R.I.P Steve Jobs. The world has become Jobless now and we will take some time to cope up with the loss.

And one more thing…