The True Egalitarian Aspect of Success

I am a big fan of Casey Neistat (YouTube in case you don’t know him). He said, in an interview:

“You realize that you will never be the best-looking person in the room. You’ll never be the smartest person in the room. You’ll never be the most educated, the most well-versed. You can never compete on those levels. But what you can always compete on, the true egalitarian aspect to success is hard work. You can always work harder than the next guy.”

Some people may appear that they were born with a specific talent. Or they might happen to be born with certain privileges. It is not their fault. But, in case you have nothing of that sort, you can still have the full ability to try harder. And harder. And harder.

Source: Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers



With the risk of the reader of this blog clicking on the above video and not reading any of this below and getting addicted to Youtube forever, I’ll still go ahead and write.

YouTube has been here since a decade. And like most people like me, I didn’t spend all my 100% time on it, as much as I spent time on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I would say, 20% of the time was spent on Youtube, mostly from links shared on FB post or a Tweet.

But recently, (after letting go of reactionary mode from Social Network Websites), I have started to watch a lot of it. It has almost got me into the Rabbit Hole which was Wikipedia, once upon a time for me. The viewing also increased after I bought a Smart TV. So I brought back Internet to the TV, instead of other way around. Yo.

I would like specially mention 2 of my favorite Youtube channels

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat

Pic via Casey Neistat  FB page

This guy is, like the king of Youtube Vlogging. I found his channel through Nerdwriter but that was just seen, not experienced. But recently I checked this again and I got, I am slightly embarrassed to say, hooked and obsessed with this channel. In last week, I have seen over 100 of his short videos, read about him in Tim Ferris’s Tools of Titans and also read many other blogs and articles about him. I also learnt about his gear, and all the props he uses. Casey is a film-maker, who rides an electric skateboard in NYC while making films about his life, ideas and his travels. He has a unique style and one has to just watch to experience it. Not only his videos are interesting, even though they are mostly showing him doing his chores. But unlike the plethora of people who vlog with sudden cuts and low level production quality, his are proper and has a sense of his unique style in them. Since I get more impressed with technicalities than bling, I found his style of vlogging really good. Do check!


The Nerdwriter

Pic via The Nerdwriter FB page

Evan Puschak or The Nerdwriter, also is a film-maker who mostly dabbles in Video Essays. The topics range from movies, politics, till philosophy. His USP is his editing with lovely graphics with a voiceover which really keeps one hooked. Again, me stating anything won’t matter. One has to just watch and experience and learn.

I have listed these 2 because I found them good resources for learning film-making too. Making movies is a really tough job, but these channels will also help you learn the craft, if you already know about the art.

I will list few of them whom I found really good:

  1. Casey Neistat
  2. Nerdwriter
  3. Kaptain Kristian
  4. Kurzgesagt
  5. Improvement Pill
  6. Special mention: Nisha Madhulika (If you like to eat, and don’t know how to make food, just straight head over to Nisha aunty for all homely feeling possible.) One caveat: Videos are in Hindi and most of the dishes are vegetarian and it won’t have onion in it. Like my home!

Watch one of Nerdwriter’s video here:

Featured image pic: Designed by Freepik