Breaking the habit

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To those who can blog every day, kudos to you. I know I thought and proudly announced that I was going to blog every day here, I have failed. Miserably! Last post here was on February 19th, 2018. And today is April 8th, 2018. I am using an app to track habits and my blogging […]

Blog Speed Breaker Update

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When I blogged/ declared/shouted from the mountaintop, that I was going to blog every single day this year, I was pretty sure that I won’t be able to do that.  *Wink* Life is too smart you know! Still, I wanted to try. So, barring few weekend breaks for leisure and life, I posted last on […]

How to start a Blog?

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Thinking of starting a blog but need a push? This is the push you need. Whether blogging was your new year resolution or not, I invite you to start writing. Kickstart Your Creativity Now.

Roundup 2014

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Well, 2014 is over before you could even spell it out. It got over as quickly as your weekends get over if you sleep a little extra. Here’s my round up of 2014 just for the sake of documenting my life for future biography and also for blogging’s sake which I am continuing since last 7 years or […]

Humor is dying

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They say that Print is dying. Which is technically correct, print has always been dying ink onto paper. But sadly, digital media is actually killing the newspaper. Not because everyone now has a mobile phone with Internet and everything is available online easily. But because the quality of newspaper hasn’t increased much and admit it, […]

Going Offline

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To start the first post on a new blogging platform with ‘Going Offline’ as the title is mildly awkward but this is what I am going to write about to debut on Svbtle. My aim in 2014 to go off the Google Search. Or to at least push my name to second page of Google […]


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She clicked the link and the page started to download. As soon as something legible appeared on the screen, her eyes lit up like the laptop screen which brightens up when the charger is plugged into it for charging. After all, she was on this site after ages. (In modern era, ‘ages’ is actually in […]