Strong Views, Loosely Held

It might come across as being weak. However, if one is willing to accept that the positions they held, at a given point of time, were based on their knowledge at that given point of time, it is fine and rather brave. We all evolve and change our opinions.

For a long time, I used to think Fasting on Karwachauth is a trick pulled on womenfolk. And men who fasted along with their wives were sissies. One thing is that with time, the word sissies has been completely erased from my dictionary. Second, if one wants to fast, they totally can. I am no-body to impose my thoughts on someone else’s faith unless it is hurtful.

Moreover, one thing I myself need to try is a full day fast. I have never tried it yet although I think I can. This intermittent fasting will take ages to come into effect.

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