Writing Experiment Lab

Rhyming is dying

No crushes to crush, no destinations to rush,
No paints to brush, no memories to flush,
No unsuccessful infatuations, no twisted situations,
No ugly conversations, no heated discussions,
No job interviews left, no plan of bank theft,
No skills to adapt, no mistakes to correct,
No affairs to end, no fragile castles of sand,
No topics to trend, no broken relationships to mend,
No trains to stop, no height to atop,
No hurdles to hop, no dirt or blood to mop,
No bed to sleep, no hedge to creep,
No ocean so deep, no shoulder to weep,
No song to dance, no scenery to glance,
No looking through lens, no burning romance…

One day it will be back, sense it may lack,
Rhyming is dying but I’ll keep on trying.