Political Mandala

assorted colored chalks on wood surface

Being political has become derogatory nowadays. If someone calls you liberal or conservative, it feels like it is an insult while it shouldn’t be. Same way, it has become binary. You cannot have different views on different topics but you always have that. Nobody has black or white standpoints. Most of us are just in the gray area. Some are on all the colors on VIBGYOR and beyond too.


Above is one website I came across which can help you judge where you stand, in case you wanted to know, for fun.

I answered a few questions. Few of them were straightforward, some of them were not. I had to think hard about some. Some I just guessed as an ideal scenario. So I got __________________________

I could’ve shared what I got here but that’s the point. What my political opinions are, depend highly on the day, issue, and malleable. You should respect my views, and I should respect yours. I can choose to tell you about my views and I might delay it till the elections.

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