Paying Back

Some days ago, I read about a Banker, who was once a student from not a very well-to-do family. When he got admission as a student at BIT, Mesra, he didn’t have money to travel for the counseling. One of his teachers lent him Rs. 500. The student couldn’t be happier. Later, when he tried to pay back, the teacher had changed jobs and he could never payback.

Recently, it was known that the student, has now become MD of IDFC Bank and he gifted that teacher, shares worth Rs. 30 Lacs. Because he had helped him in his earlier days.


Also a few days ago, I happened to be in a meeting on Zoom where it was expected of all the attendees to be on video. There is never a compulsion but there is always an unsaid rule that states that when the same meeting which used to happen in person is moved online, we should try to keep the same ambiance. Unless people really hate seeing each other’s faces, videos must be on.

I came across this Tweet few days ago.

I have had my fair share of nuisance in classrooms. I had some great teachers in my classes. I also had absolute rubbish human beings as teachers in my classes.

Not all teachers are great, but at least some are. Not all are Aamir Khan from Taare Zameen Par, but some do care about the students. In these times, when everyone is going through a tough phase, and all classes have moved online, at least, we can respond, not by being good students, but by just being there, to listen, to show up, and not make it worse.

Photo by Nick Brookenheimer on Unsplash

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