One Bloody Super Hero Post

Will it pain?

No no, I faint even at the sight of it.

Umm No. Why should I?

But I am so thin..

Injection? OMG!

Na, you cannot give, you are positive!


Quick Update: I bought Geeky glasses few days back. They are not geeky per se but nowadays people don’t use these kind of conventional glasses. So now I just need a Super Man T-shirt which I would wear inside my formal shirt to transform myself into a Super Hero. Suppose a girl is about to get a thrashing from her boss (I mean verbal thrashing only because of a strict bossy kind of a boss) and then eventually decides to suicide by jumping off the office building or coming in front of a train or similar cheesy stuff like that. I would sense that, owing to less concentration in the work allotted to me, and will run to a corner, opening the top few buttons of my shirt as I run, and eventually come out of the corner as Superman and save the life of the girl by catching hold of her while she was falling or catching hold of her and taking her away when she is about to get crushed by a train or catching hold of her by any means to save her. Catching hold is not the main motive, saving is. People around will clap and praise my name and tell stories to their kids about me as their Super hero.


No. Nonsense. 

What makes one a Super Hero?

There are very few things in life, actually there are numerous things in life but nobody can be a Super Hero everytime no, which can bring out the real human from inside. You may claim to be doing this and that for the society, liking 1000 pages on Facebook which relate to Non Government Organizations which claim to be doing enourmous good work for the society. You may go to gym for 3 hours a day and come out as someone whose has been inflated with excess air and walk like Salman Khan. You may write long blog posts about changing the society and tweeting about the government and all. All in vain boss. You do nothing good to anyone.

Long story short, I just request you to help the society in whichever manner you can. There was a blood donation camp in our office. Initially people felt reluctant but later few went and did their part for the society. Still I feel that everyone should have participated in the noble cause but people didn’t. They ignored it like they ignore the usual mishaps happening around us. ‘Somebody got hit on the road? Oh, why should we bother!’ ‘Oh look at that dead dog on the road creating menace for traffic? Oh, why we bother’. ‘Oh look, they are fighting. Oh, yes yes let’s enjoy’. The above given quotes can be very easily heard whenever there is one blood donation camp around. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes and they take just 350 ml to 450 ml depending upon your body weight. The body regains the lost blood in 36 hours and the overall quality of blood in 3 months. And one feels absolutely no difference before and after. In my office, gatekeeper donated, canteen boy donated, sweepers donated, many female donated, although some were sent back because of them being anaemic and nazuk kali. But its the gesture counts, isn’t it? Those who didn’t come, probably people may not come to help them when they want it.

C’mon people, let me assure you that this is the easiest way to help someone. And it helps you in return, in case you need Blood yourself, you will be given free of cost for the next 6 months. Best is that you needn’t know who is getting benifited by your this gesture. What a lovely feeling that is, isn’t it? So from now on, if given a chance, go become a Super Hero. Subhash Chandra Bose will give you aashirwad as well.


I saw this van standing outside the building and liked the caption. Not important here though, but you may enjoy.

By the way, I did become a Super Hero. Funnily after they take the blood out, they provide snacks and juices. So at least for that you can donate blood no?


  1. Arey donating blood is a nice thing! 😀 I tried when I was 18 in a camp in my school but was sent back coz i was underweight. So I made my father come to school and donate on my behalf. I am little scared of donating blood coz I saw couple of my friends faint infront of me . But I would surely like to give it a shot in future! 😀

  2. Right said. Talking about helping doesnt go any good; implement it 🙂 Your glasses sure seem to enhance your sex appeal 🙂

  3. Yo! I remember u told me about this donation camp. And i hope ur not referring to me when u wrote about liking 1000 pages of NGOs on FB and doing nothing about it :PLike Sreeja Jaiswal, even i can’t donate blood coz i’m anaemic. And arre, ya point of your post is do good somewhere, some how 😀 And glad u donated blood!!and u look hot with those specs!! Oh and ur scar <3

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