Notes from the Lockdown, Day 15

It might be day 10 or day 13, I am not sure. I haven’t gone out since March 5th or March 13th, save 2 days in between. So, it is all blurry. Kindly excuse.

Here are some notes/thoughts:

  1. It is tough when you have nothing to distract you. You need those honking sounds, the sounds of the ambiance, the gossips you don’t want to listen to, the unwanted noises of languages you don’t understand, and basically the things you don’t care about. You need them around to live.
  2. When a family calamity happens, and you have no elders around, life seems directionless, and nothing you can do which can make you think that you had it under control. No matter how old one becomes, there is always something to learn. Life will give you new experiences at each and every turn. This week, I had a big personally tragedy. Like the loss of a family member big. Bloody cancer. And everything we could do to mitigate it was constrained by covid-19 issues. Fortunately, we could do something which would have sufficed for time being and yet, a lot has to be done but we are in a lockdown. Unprecedented.
  3. When understanding others takes a back seat and ego becomes your top priority. Even if you try your best, when there is a danger hanging outside, practically just outside the safest place i.e. your home, you are bound to lose your mind in some time. Take care of your Mental health, they say, but how? You cannot meditate 24 hours a day. So the best is to keep quiet. But then go back to point 1.
  4. There are times when positive and practical advice sounds negative.
  5. Work is there. And everyone knows that it is tough to work like this. But your livelihood is at stake. But nobody has any clarity. That’s a challenging environment nobody mentions on their CVs.

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