In 2004, the share markets went down all across the world. They were slightly more down than usual down. They said that it was sort of a minor-recession-cycle-low which happens every 4-8 years. I was just about to start college. I thought to myself: Thankfully it is happening now… What worse would happen at the time when I would graduate after 4 years! Then in 2008, Lehmann Brothers started the worldwide meltdown. To top that, the company in which I had got a job declared its own bankruptcy of sorts. What worse could happened, happened!

There have been several instances where I thought what if that happens and that actually happened! Not that I am Naustradamus’s new avatar, but there have been occasions where the tongue has done the trick. It has gone in both negative and positive directions.

Yada yada yada…

In 2019, I thought to myself: A decade is ending. The new decade would bring some major tech changes and cultural updates along with it. There might be a day in a few years in which we would all be able to Work From Home and there won’t be any need for offices. *gulp* And here we are!

I am not Nate Silver or that Moneyball guy either and maybe many others also spoke of something which wasn’t expected but that happened or happened untimely. I have been so wrong on many levels as well, no qualms in saying as well.

Many times, what we anticipate in our minds becomes our reality. Maybe it depends on our state of mind or general perception about life. Maybe it is inverse nihilism or it is your inherent desire to see it happen. Some say that is Kaali zubaan or Saraswati’s will. So, should one stop thinking or stop saying it out loud?

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Murphy’s Law says that what could happen, would happen. So, nobody is there to be blamed for all of this. Except Murphy may be.