Millennials are Idiots

They say that if you yourself are at the receiving end, you are free to call names. So don’t worry, I am a Millennial too. This is just click-bait.

Anytime I open the Newspaper on a weekend, or by chance I stumble upon any trashy websites (like those which end on -feed or -whoop), more often than not, the term ‘millennials’ comes to the fore. The below is just a result of Google News for the term ‘Millennial’ done while writing this post.

As you may see, nobody has got chill about what a Millennial wants!

In case there is any confusion, anyone born between 1981 and 1996, i.e. people of ages 23 to 38 in 2019, is considered a Millennial.

Like the Internet has totally bastardized words like Liberal and Conservatives, the term Millennials isn’t far behind. People just use it left and right without any consideration. Anytime I read my generation getting generalized with 1 such term, it just makes me move on to something else. Short attention span, ha! To generalize I say that generalizing a whole variety of demography across the world geography in an ever-connected but still highly disconnected world isn’t really fair (see what I did there). I am not mad at Millennials. I just want to state that generalizing people cannot be more wrong. Firstly, I think that generation doesn’t change only as per decades. It can change within months too and it might not change for a couple of decades as well.

For example, when it comes to Technology in people’s lives, seriously nothing much changed from Moon Landing until the Internet became ubiquitous. And, we might have seen multiple generations coming and going since Social Media’s advent. For years before the Industrial Revolution, we clubbed 1000s of years as Ages. Soon, we started grouping Centuries. Then we granularize it to decades. Now, we might start giving names to people based on the months they born in.

Clustering a generation is a tough thing to crack. We cannot predict what a Millenial wants. Because there are several types of Millennials. The median age of humans in the world was ~ 29 in 2015. That means half of the world population was older and half of the world population was younger than that. Fixating only on Millennials would make you lose a major chunk of the market. Let the Millennials be. Many of them don’t know what they want. Or maybe many of them do.

By the way, the only way to spot a Millennial is to see their hair: If the guy has a V-shaped face with a mushroom-like Hair on top, yes, that’s a Millennial. I cannot really distinguish Millennial girls but probably they just let their hair fall down.

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