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Ladies and ladies (the only readership of this blog) okay, gentlemen too,

Feeling proud to announce that I got a chance to make official posters (Minimalistic) for the indie movie ‘Love, Wrinkle-Free’ releasing on May 25th. Posting some of the finalized designs here. Don’t forget to watch the movie this weekend in PVR in about 10 cities in India. To know more about Indian indie scene and Love Wrinkle Free, do check out this And let me know which of the following is your favorite:

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  1. Hi.
    I am writing from Dungarpur Films, a production house in Bombay.
    We have just made a documentary feature film called Celluloid Man about the founder of the National Film Archive of India, Mr.P.K. Nair. He is the man who singlehandedly guarded the cinematic heritage of our country by preserving films in the Archive, right from Raja Harishchandra to all the landmark Indian films of the 30s, 40s and the 50s. The film is a journey through our cinema history, with focus on Mr.Nair.
    We would love to have a Minimal Poster of the same. Is this possible?

    Plus, there are a few posters of Ray and Ghatak films that we saw in Outlook magazine that we really liked. Want to know how to get hold of that, if we can!

    Please write to us at when you find the time so that we can take this forward.


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