Life is…


Life is a series of feelings like when you…

  • don’t tell someone what you feel about them
  • want to eat one more bite but you don’t
  • buy that one gadget which you think you deserve but you don’t
  • take a wrong turn deliberately in order to drive a bit longer
  • praise someone half-heartedly just to make them happy
  • leave a bit of a stain on your favorite shirt and still wear it
  • call someone but then cut the call if they don’t pick up till long
  • procrastinate after promising publicly
  • want to say good bye to someone but you avoid eye contact
  • don’t reply to messages on whatsapp even if you’re online
  • pick up a fight off a non-issue
  • want to meditate but pictures of certain things keep coming into your mind
  • don’t stay silent just to satisfy ego
  • are in half mind whether to shake hands or hug and end up doing nothing
  • write this blog post which isn’t complete…

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