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Well, it’s just a thought based on the event which, as we speak, has happened to Jaipur. The fire at the IOC Depot! Just for the fans of yours truly, here are some fun facts. The place Sitapura which is seeing the fire is the place I have spent 4 years of mine. My college is hardly 3 Km away from the Depot. There are in fact about 25 educational institutes including 16-17 Engineering colleges. To make matter worse, there are 2 more depots. One of them carrying LPG! But they are at a safe distance. No more worries.
I swear by solved University exam papers book that every bloody engineer who is or has been out there wished that this would happen to my/their college instead of the depot. I hope the same but I hope no human should be there when that day comes. Anyways, there was a certain report in the newspaper yesterday. It went like this:
“The garden was within the 3 Km range of the IOC Oil Depot. The ‘baraat’ had just entered the premises. The groom with all his ‘laare lashkaares’ was moving forward to have his seat, right there at the podium. Suddenly a bright flashy orange light appeared which turned the dark sky almost into a day. Within milliseconds they heard the deafening sound of a blast. Without seeing any ‘aav-taav’, everybody ran! People had realized that it was something big. Although, they were quite far away and were all safe, still, everyone loved their respective lives. The groom who was about to swear to be with the bride for continuous 7 births without fail ran for his own life. He just ran, and did not care about anything, forgetting his yet to be wife.“
Even if you have missed the last lines rhyme, the moral of the story is as simple as understanding Raj Thakrey’s strategy: When you are in trouble what you will do? Watchya gonna do brother? Watchya gonna do?
We all boast about how much we love our close ones. We can do anything for the people we love. Really? Do we? God forbid, if one has fallen into some big-time life-threatening trouble along with some loved ones, I am sure sometimes think that people go to save their own lives first. So idiotic to believe that but you tend to lose confidence in the world as you grow up. Without being controversial, I would go on to say that even people in the army will do that. What I mean is this, suppose you are a hot-blooded jawan ready to do anything for the motherland, anything for the country, take 100 lives or give yourselves away. If by chance, a situation arises when you have choices to make to either save yourself or save an unknown civilian person which you hardly know. Will you save him/her? Obviously, you should and you will give your 100% to bring back the needy one out of the threat. But will you give your life away for him? Out of a million, one may be patriotic enough to give his life for the motherland. I don’t think many people do that. Personally, I believe that giving life away to do something is the stupidest thing human life form can think of. That explanation will be given in some other post some other day if we live BTW.
Everybody comes across traffic accidents. If you haven’t come across, I wish you stay safe and you never come across any accident forever. However, how many of us will stop and take the victim to the hospital. How many of you will help an old lady to cross the road? Do people make big comments about their friendships and what not? How many keep their word? To about 95% of the human race, their own life comes first. Then comes the very close ones and then comes the worry about the money, honey!
I wish I am wrong. People still do help others.
IOC Fire, View from my house top
This is the view from the roof of my house on 31st Oct. 2009 6:30 PM. I live 12 Km away and its been 2 nights and 1 day.


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Insignia October 31, 2009

I saw this news on TV the other day; and trust me, you were the first thing that came on my mind. It was like, “Oh he is from this city” and I silently wished tragedy would have been averted.

Its true that when people are in jeopardy, they would save themselves first, then think about loved ones, friends or whatever. Humans are selfish; cant help. We can only make big promises, which are empty. Not many would keep those promises up

Abhinav October 31, 2009

I am as safe as safe can be! Thanks for showing concern! 🙂

Me November 1, 2009

AD, I loved the post. You have brought forward a couple of valid points here… I think we all need to do some reality check here.

- Sugar Cube - November 1, 2009

“you tend to lose confidence in the world as you grow up.”
That's true.

And people do help others.I have seen such examples & am proud of them.

I liked reading your 'Just a thought'.
Nice post 🙂

- Sugar Cube - November 1, 2009

“you tend to lose confidence in the world as you grow up.”
That's true.

And people do help others.I have seen such examples & am proud of them.

I liked reading your 'Just a thought'.
Nice post 🙂

- Sugar Cube - November 1, 2009

“you tend to lose confidence in the world as you grow up.”
That's true.

And people do help others.I have seen such examples & am proud of them.

I liked reading your 'Just a thought'.
Nice post 🙂

Akansha Agrawal November 1, 2009

When I heard the news, I wasn't concerned about you, coz you were the news bearer 😛 But yeah, my dad called up relatives in Jaipur to ask if they were fine. Shows concern, doesn't it? That people still do help others… And if God forbade, if there had been a mishap here as well, I think calls would have still gone through… 🙂

Agar mera dulha aise bhaaga na, toh I'll go break his legs… x-(

Hehe… school burning down, before every oh-so-important test, I used to fervently wish… kaash aag lag jaaye College mein nahi… guess badi ho gayi hoon :-s

Pic ke liye you used naya phone cam? :-w nahi, handycam hai,hai na?

Abhinav November 1, 2009

@akansha (baakiyo se baad main niptoonga)

hehe nahi bhaagega doolha! 🙂

Yeah I used my digicam.. zoom karne se pic kharaab hojateee hai!

Mads November 2, 2009

i loved the post.
even if i want to help someone in an accideny, mom takes me away or my friends take me away.
hopefully i'll get a chance to do some good in a society despite becoming a lawyer.

as far as saving people is concerned, i hv seen some people put others before themselves which is nice to see

superb post
take care..

Prianca November 2, 2009

I loved this post……as soon as I read the intro, I was secretly hoping “please, don't let it be a funny post” coz this tragedy isn't supposed to be funny……I forgot that Y2A slog is sensitive enough and knows better!

btw, the report from newspaper is hilarious. I'm amazed that write ups like these are considered perfect for print. wow. simply wow.

its a very sensitive and thoughtful post. loved it to the core.

Shruti November 2, 2009

Well i wonder which is this strange newspaper which writes stories in this weird a manner, n that too something which is a serious issue!!

anyhow, each person has their own set of viewpoints as to what they should/ or should not do while at an accident site. n it's a common fact that most people shy away from lending a helping hand due to fear of a police case n d proceedings thereafter.

n a helping mentality is inborn, something which cannot be learnt or imbibed no matter how many moral lessons or tragic news he/she is subjected to on a day to day basis.

i seriously salute n look upto people who have the heart to help people in these grave incidents and specially save a dying soul coz i myself, don't know how will i react if god forbid, i m in a situation like this!!

Ketan November 3, 2009

You're very right in your entire post! Sorry for complete agreement, but I truly do (agree).

I'm not sure if you're ruing the fact that people do give primary importance to their lives, but I'm very comfortable with the idea. That's how possibly it should be. Well, according to me. 🙂

And I also agree with Shruti's comment above how the newspaper people were so insensitive to try to sensationalize such a natural human response. They were prospective husband and wife, not someone who knew each other for ages!

Nice, honest post!

Take care.

pawan November 3, 2009

A thoughtful post.
I agree people are selfish, if not all but many are. If I were struck in an accident or in a life threatening situation, I would actually bother about myself because I have a family that cares about and a life which asks for more.

Imagine, if you were standing on a mine and a person is falling off from a cliff nearby, would you go and save him?
That's stupidity.

It's said, “Live and let live” not vice versa. It is you who finally matters. You are the same decaying organic matter as anyone else. Everyone is. We feel pain, we too die.

So bravery always takes a backseat. If you do understand what I mean.

Good post!
And congrats about the Tangy Tuesday pick!


peter November 3, 2009

I am human enough to do that, and I am human enough to accept it !

Amrita~Ams November 4, 2009

i was not in town..n when i heard this news…I first thing was…Y2A's place….
bcoz tum meri mom se baat karne wale the..toh tension thoda badh gaya 😛

btw…which news ppr was that :|…
but still..i never thought abt saving others lyf…
good post..

Abhinav November 4, 2009


It was just any newspaper. Infact the news was in HINDI. There was a news item in the newspaper which had this story. I have obviously changed it up in such a way that it looks apt while reading. Facts are the same however.

Anonymous November 12, 2009

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