Hope is a good thing, in fact the best thing ever

On 27th February when India tied with England, @VenkatAnanath tweeted that he was about to write an article on “Why India is not going to win this World Cup!”. As a knee jerk reaction, I unfollowed him instantly. Although following and unfollowing is not a big deal in Twitdays world but what I didn’t like was the pessimistic journalism. No doubt, these journos/authors/writers are meant to present the truth to the people in the most crude way possible but I have a philosophy that they have a big role to play when it comes to uplift or degrade people’s morale and mood.

It is not only about Cricket, lets talk about optimism in general. As Indians, we people are very optimistic. Since birth, we have been taught to be optimistic. If there is no water from the tap, we assume that one day will come where our Municipality Department will fix everything. If there are more potholes on the road than road, we believe that one day in future we are going to get roads as smooth as Hema Malini’s cheeks or Deepika Padokone’s leg, if you prefer that. A kid when dreams of becoming a Civil servant, try telling him that he cannot be unless he is some reserved category.

These journos need to understand one thing. India as a nation which is held with the adhesive of ‘Hope’. Their job is to find out the flaws in the current system or point of the flaws in the plans laid out for future. When they start giving their opinions, they put into their bias with emotions which result in something demoralizing.

There was a dialogue in the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ where Red (Morgan Freeman) says, “Hope is a good thing, in fact the best thing ever. And no good thing ever dies.”


  1. crisp and to the point.

    Journalism has taken a dirty turn; with stiff competition they are forgetting ethics and the spirit of the game. Lets pardon them 🙂

  2. So true 😀 I am such an optimist that even when India needs 7 runs to win from 1 ball I will pray that the bowler balls a no ball or wide and in the next ball our batsman hits a six 🙁

    P.S : That Shawshank Redemption quote it is said by Andy Duferense to Red 🙂 Red infact says earlier on in the film that Hope is a dangerous thing. It can make a man insane . Then in the end Andy says “Remember Red, Hope is a good thing…..” 😀

  3. hope is good
    but everyone got freedom of speech, proper way is if u do not agree write down counter article do not be childish. follow and unfollow.

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