Hesitation in us

Seth Godin (Google Seth’s Blog) once did this in one of his talks:

He asked the audience to raise their right hands. People followed. Then he asked them to raised their hands higher. Surprisingly, almost everyone could raise their hands slightly higher.

The act was now obvious. Everyone hesitates.

Some of us just hesitate more than others. In praising, in giving, in debating, in arguing, in taking, and even in loving. We have always been told to contain ourselves and not give away everything. That’s our conditioning.

This also applies to generosity. There’s a beautiful story about hesitating in giving.

“A prince wants to be known as generous, so the god Krishna decides to put him to the test: He creates two mountains of gold and tells the prince to give it all away in 24 hours. The prince begins to do so, parceling it out to people he thinks need it. But as the day ends he’s hardly made a dent in the mountains. So Krishna calls another prince and tells him he has just five minutes to give away the gold. This prince sees two people walking along, goes right over to them, and gives each a mountain. Just like that, the job is done.

The moral is unsettling, but simple: Don’t impose limits on your generosity.”

Source for the above.

If we learn to not hesitate in everything (except criticizing), may be we will become better automatically.

Header Photo courtesy: unsplash

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