Here’s some unsolicited advice for you

Some people have a personality that makes you believe that they can be bothered for personal advice. They have an air of stability and sound decision making. They look like if you tell them your secrets, they will keep them end-to-end encrypted.

When I was in college, few friends were open to telling me about their crushes and stuff, assuming that I won’t reveal. Something made them think that I, for one, won’t interfere, and second, might guide them further. I did guide them and today they are happily married. To someone else, of course. I lured the others to actually reveal their secrets by sending them a link to share their 3 crushes and then reading their responses. Phishing and college pranks and whatnot.

Later, a few others asked me for advice in love matters again (no idea why). I told them sternly to get out of the misery by dumping/staying away from the problematic relationships. Today, they are happily married. To the same folks, I advised them against.

People still ask me for advice about careers, or maybe something related to graphic design, or computers in general. Generally, they don’t ask me much about financial matters. That’s kind of sad but also good because giving financial advice to someone can backfire pretty badly. H/T to fellow Seinfeld-ist MirzaSob where he revealed in me that when he gave honestly intentioned financial advice, it didn’t always work out. Moreover, it might also be a geographical thing. People from certain cities don’t advise at all while certain cities folks are know it all and can give you 100 suggestions and in the end, they can tell that everything is * conditions apply.

Unsolicited advice is one thing all Indians excel at. Here’s something for you: Don’t get bothered by stuff which is temporary.

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