Going through changes

Whilst traffic was terrific as rush hour being crucial, and IT zombies were snoring in the bus, as usual, when I see a bunch of people walking in the rain, holding Indian flags in their hands, holding banner of ‘India Against Corruption’, something told me, man, we are going through changes.

Whilst my friends who were busy watching dubbed South Indian movies  switched to news channels’ chaos, a friend in fact went to Electronic City to attend the cause, when I heard from my mother, that Papa went to ‘Statue Circle‘ in support of Anna Hazare yesterday evening, something told me, man, we are going through changes.

Whilst instead of talking about Cricket and movies, Farmville or a friend going from ‘Engaged’ to ‘Single’ on the Facebook Wall, I overheard people talking about Jan Lokpal, while watching people gathering outside Tihar, no matter they were from Kerala or Bihar, something told me, man, we are going through changes.

It kind of reminds me of 2006 when students were raising voices against reservation, which actually got crushed somehow as they lacked a leader and every political party was trying to get something out of the crisis and how, this time the agitation seems more wide spread where everyone is joining in, be it village or city, as obviously government is panicking using Lathis against peaceful protesters, beating up Babas at midnight, blaming civil society with genuine CDs which are now forgotten as if they were fake, heh, arresting people just for the fear that they might cause something weird, man, I feel, this is the time we are up to something positive and we are going through changes. 


We are a country of pessimists as we doubt each and every individual who tries to bring any change. We will post-mortem each and every motive which tries to challenge the system. We will support the cause but try to act super smart by pointing out 10 flaws in 9 point agenda put forward. Now when protests are picking up, some normal life is meant to be disrupted. We won’t bear it. We have to sit in our homes with remotes and see the change happening automatically. We want change but we won’t change. No no, this hunger strike and all is just a fad. This is not acceptable. Then what is? Do you want violent protests to get things done? Do you want highways to be blocked, roads to be rioted (like Rural England cities like London?), Anna or no Anna, do we want change or not? I toh will bribe the traffic police because I want things to be done quickly and I cannot afford this 500 Rs. fine and all. Isn’t it? If we want change, we have to change. Support the one who is at least trying. Stop doubting. We are actually going through changes. Full stop.


  1. AD! Immense respect for the post.I agree we are so suspicious of everyone who is trying to bring about a change that we sit in a corner and criticize them.

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