First in life : An Eulogy

Just for a minute and a half though, but I had to give an eulogy for a colleague who passed away recently. I know, as we get older, the news of deaths keep on increasing. However, this was a shock as the colleague passed away due to strange case of Dengue which took the life away in mere 48 hours, probably in even lesser time. Dengue in 2016 Bengaluru should sound ridiculous. However, this is the world we live in. What’s going to happen next, nobody can know. To add to the misery, the departed was one of the most jovial natured person I had ever met, at least in office. It’s not that we used to hang out a lot, but when you see a happy face, in a sea of mostly dull faces, almost daily once, and then you get to know that now you won’t see that face ever, is a very weirdly awful feeling.

I just wish that the parents of the deceased come to terms with the reality and time heals this immeasurable loss.

Life is fragile. Nobody usually imagines the scenario when you won’t be there and there would be people left behind you. Who loved you and depended on you. Even if you lived away from them but at least they knew that you existed. If one spends time in thinking about that scenario, probably, that would give you an opportunity to consider the things which one is not doing right. And what could be done better. Which all relationships should be given more time. Which all activities one must do before the time comes. Because there might or might not be life beyond the death, but we could live a bit more in the present, happily, before getting done and dusted.

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