Fancy Vs Ordinary

I have a few potted plants in my balcony. I am not a gardening-is-my-hobby-person but I do tend to them once a day, nurture them occasionally by adding some manure and place them in whatever sun we get. They give a nice ambiance to the small space. There’s nothing better than waking up and observing their growth, isn’t it! Especially since lockdown, this has become a regular practice.

I’ve tried to keep the space dynamic but adding some flowery plants and some evergreens. The flowery fancy plants do enhance the looks and take the beauty quotient of the ordinary-looking place a notch higher. The fancy plants also need extra care. One has to water them right. They need an apt amount of sunlight and they have higher demands in terms of fertilizer, pruning, and so on. Then there are some ordinary plants which don’t have any flowers. They don’t even have proper green leaves. They just stay in the corners, don’t demand too much, and do their job of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.

Whenever I travel for a week or more, I know that when I will return, all these plants would get deprived of the regular watering and there’s a chance of them dying. And, as one expects, the fancy ones are the first to say goodbye. No matter how much you try to fix them once they have gone down, they will not come back. But the ordinary ones, which were there for you, stay intact. They also become dull but as soon they receive a hint of water, they will jump back and become alright as if they were waiting for you. You could ask them, are they just upright normally or are they just happy to see you!

Isn’t this true for all fancy vs ordinary things. Fancy are fun for time being. Ordinary things stay for you longer.

Update: This is useful.

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