Dear Photographers To Be

This is a closed letter. Only people who like to click pictures should read this. This is strictly for those who have a Facebook album called โ€˜Randomโ€™. Exactly written for those kind of people who call themselves anything from Newbies to Rookies to Amateur and, after a while, even Professionals. Totally cool. This is for those kind of people who usually go and small friendly trips and each trip, the person has gone to, has at least one picture of 5 toes pointing towards each other.

Yep, like that. In case the person went alone, clicking toes of self is also allowed. If the person went to a beach, name written on the sand is also acceptable.


This post is meant for people who click their shadows.

Cute no?


This is for those people who like to click their own pictures. They deserve standing ovation because they go 1 step ahead in creativity and click themselves in mirror. Clicking their own reflection is not only creative but also profoud. Clicking self-pictures from their mobile phones from a distance of a feet or so is also a task people who read this post like doing. So I guess you are getting what I am trying to tell here.


See, you people must have been told or taunted that you don’t deserve to be called as a Photographer. Wrong. Totally. See, if your parents or you yourself were able to afford to buy a P&S or a DSLR, you should be proud. Even if you carry a VGA camera mobile phone, it doesn’t make you downgraded or downtrodden by any means. What matters is that you like to click. What matter is that you at least try to be creative. What matters is that you had the audacity to do what your mind told you to do. Clicking anything or everything is fine. All big photographers started like you did. Nobody started clicking sunsets all of a sudden. They first clicked Dead Cockroach on their staircases and only then they moved on to other subjects. You know what subjects mean no? You can always Google about Photography, no shame in it.



This was alive when I clicked. Yes, you can tell your grandkids the stories of my bravery. C’mon sit down sit down, it was just a cockroach fellow.


See, you don’t need to be bogged down by people who challenge your creativity. Everyone is creative in their own way. You like to click pictures. You have all the right to do it. Share it on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram wherever you wish to. Peole may like it or hate it. But they have no damn right to discourage you. They may write long blog posts about people who claim to be photographers but aren’t. Who are they to judge you? If you have a camera, flaunt it. Flash and flash hard. No pun. Seriously, just click what your heart says.


And by the way, Happy World Photography Day. (




  1. Awww! the shadow pic was cute!! <3>Ok, clicking pics of myself means i’m creative and not self obsessed. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Yeah! probably we should not pass around so many comments.People have a right to indulge in their hobbies irrespective of whether they are good at i t or not.

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am confused – is this a sarcasm or genuine encouragement ๐Ÿ˜› I remember commenting on those frogs pics long time ago. Cute ones. Sarcasm or not; what irks me when people see my pictures and comment “Wow what camera do you have?”

  4. @Mads: Yes. True story.@Manisha: You said it.@Insignia: No sarcasm at all Ma’am. Heh they think that if you own an SLR, you are a pro. Innocence.

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