What’s Your Password?

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It doesn’t matter how long it is. What matters is how powerful it is. Is it a weak one, moderate one or so strong that it is almost unbreakable? I am talking about passwords, of course. Here’s a short story about it: Location: Basement of a friend’s house. Date: Sometime in the late 90s or […]

So I recently watched: Arjun Reddy

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A Question first How do you consider whether a movie is good or not? If a movie is really well made and makes sense technically most of the times but you don’t agree with the actions of the characters or feel that the story missed on some aspects, would you still like the movie? Or […]

Shoot for the moon

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In case you have been following this blog lately and have noticed a break in the blogging streak so early, please note that I was out vacationing and all. So, kindly excuse. I said I will blog almost daily. 1-2 days off in between should be okay, I guess! A few days ago, I came […]

Books I read in 2017

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I am not an avid reader of books. I read a lot of articles, blogs, and ‘Terms & Conditions’ thoroughly on websites before clicking ‘I agree’. Alright, not the last one but I have not been a book reader types person in the past, even if I look like one. If you count articles and blogs maybe […]

So I recently read: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

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So I recently read Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers by Timothy Ferris or better known as Tim Ferris. Tim is mostly known as an investor, a podcaster, a motivational speaker, an author of multiple best-selling books and a few more things to top all that. Tools of […]


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With the risk of the reader of this blog clicking on the above video and not reading any of this below and getting addicted to Youtube forever, I’ll still go ahead and write. YouTube has been here since a decade. And like most people like me, I didn’t spend all my 100% time on it, […]

So I recently watched: Spiderman : Homecoming and, Dunkirk

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SPOILER ALERT: No spider bite this time! In case you have watched Captain America : Civil War, the audience cheered most when  Spiderman appeared on the screen. Such has been the love for the character on big screen, thanks to the relatable Sam Reimi + Tobey Maguire take on Spiderman back in 2000s. I even watched […]

So I recently read: Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

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Recommended by @anahgem, I recently finished reading: Ready Player One by  Ernest Cline. For anyone who has even the tiniest and slightest bit of experience of 80s and 90s movies and video games (see, I call it video games!), would find this book severely interesting and a sure-page-turner! Before telling you my opinion about this, I […]

So I recently watched: Wonder Woman

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I recently watched the latest outing from DC, Wonder Woman. The supposedly best female Superhero since last 75 years without a proper movie till now. First things first, I have never read any of Wonder Woman’s comics but I did watch a bit of that 70s TV movie they made with Lynda Carter (may be […]

So I recently read: The Art of Public Speaking, by Dale Carnegie

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So, I just finished reading, The Art of Public Speaking. Have taken interest in learning to speak better in public, I had heard of this book a lot from many people who kept on quoting from it. So I bought it from Amazon one day and delved into it. Here are some of the things I […]

Marvel's Daredevil and few words about superhero movies and shows

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When I said that I’m going to read Comics again, since this is 2016, I meant that I would also watch the new form comics have taken, that is Television Shows. And by Television shows, since this is 2016, I mean things on Netflix and stuff. I just finished watching Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil and […]