Axe and Tree

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There was once a confident but a fruitless tree it kept swaying lightly, often with glee Leaves were scanty and shade was small Still it could give relief to one and all Filtered the sunlight and made Sun more soothing Travelers could take shelter and indulge in snoozing Branches were short but when it rained […]

Shoot The Messenger

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“Ravana started this auspicious tradition when Hanuman came to his court”. — Bruce (@GhantaGuy) March 5, 2015 Circa 326 BC. One of the BSFOKP (Border Security Force of King Porus of Punjab) soldier saw a huge army marching towards them. It was an usual scene to have thousands of armed Europeans in a pugnacious mood […]

Science of Abusing

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Ever wondered why most of the abuses which usually everyone (across the world) uses on a daily basis are generally based around females or feminine parts? For example: A couple of nights ago, I watched a recently released Hindi movie ‘Mardaani’ which is a Hindi word translated to English meaning ‘Masculine’. The protagonist is a […]

The events of that night

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Usually I don’t ponder much about life because I find the word ponder funny. But then sometimes, you experience certain happenings when you have to ponder on your life and jot down on your blog, for everybody’s amusement. Last week, I got an opportunity to visit a Hill-Station-y sort of place called Coorg about 220 […]

Going anti-social – 1

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There was something missing (my win most probably) in our duel last night, so I came back to continue our incomplete fight. But, what I encountered was an unusual sight. As the usual place of meet up was plain blank and your window was ghostly white. I tried to peek but you were nowhere to […]

One Year in Bangalore

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So I reached a place called Iggalur, Southern most part of Bangalore. Total green, total South India. Half of the people there speak Tamil and the others Kannada. Both languages being similar to Buffalos to me (Kaala Akshar Bhains Barabar, Sherlock). Tamil was like Pi written in all the angles possible and Kannada mostly ‘W’s. […]

The slippers, the clothes you left away

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Picture Courtesy: Photoblog MSNBC A dog, “Leao”, sits for a second consecutive day, next to the grave of her owner, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who died in the week’s catastrophic landslides in Brazil, at the cemetery in Teresopolis, near Rio de Janiero, on Jan. 15. Brazilians braced for more rain Saturday, fearing further landslides after […]

Why should I bother?

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‘Not my job’ is the first thing you say when you see a dead dog on the street. Job is to get rid of the carcass by either calling some municipal corporation or D-I-Y (doing it yourself). Do it yourself? Are you insane? You think you can put that body, half rotten, half-open, intestines hanging […]

Just a thought

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Well, it’s just a thought based on the event which, as we speak, has happened to Jaipur. The fire at the IOC Depot! Just for the fans of yours truly, here are some fun facts. The place Sitapura which is seeing the fire is the place I have spent 4 years of mine. My college […]