She clicked the link and the page started to download. As soon as something legible appeared on the screen, her eyes lit up like the laptop screen which brightens up when the charger is plugged into it for charging. After all, she was on this site after ages. (In modern era, ‘ages’ is actually in the order of hours spent on the Internet. Suppose you are away from Twitter for about 3.5 hours in a day, you are away since ages. Trending topics change man!) By those standards, it was probably eons ago. Or even more. Her heart was beating as if she was in the bottom 3 or the danger zone in a reality show elimination episode, where everything is fixed but still they have to show restlessness and few tears from at least one eye. The anticipation regarding the webpage was so high that she was getting colored dreams about it since the day he mentioned that he will be back in the business soon.

But a part of her was angry. Very angry. Even angrier than Kalaignar when Kanimozhi was arrested. Though I don’t think he can express his anger through his physical appearance. (Kindly note the effective use of Tamil words to attract people from all over India.) Anyways, she was angry because he always promised that this time it’s going to be consistent. This time it is going to be better. This time it is going to be this and that and what not. But it never did. He had been regularly irregular since 2010 like the MS Windows Copy Dialog Box which says 10 minutes remaining and then no… no… Wait… only 10 seconds remaining… and again he… he… 30 minutes remaining… Bazinga!

And then she started reading the blog post. On this new template and newer URL. With the newer-er but weirdly sounding name. Another weird funda it seems, she thought. But she loved it. She loved the HTML and CSS which she couldn’t see directly but she did a CTRL+U to admire the beauty, if any. She loved the header, the simplicity in the sidebar, the dull grey color and the title. She loved the words that appeared on the screen too. She had already decided that she is going to bookmark this location by clicking that start-type button up there and keep coming to the site whenever new stuff gets published. Mother promise. She didn’t know much about Feeds but she was sure that she will subscribe to it. If needed, hunt him down this time if he abstained from this task and make him write again. And since then, because of you dear reader, he is blogging happily ever after.

I am assuming that you felt something similar. If you didn’t, it is OK.


Nostalgia. Sniff.

P.S.: Hello beloved readers! I am back. Again. Yep. Hi-5! Till now, if I am able to count, I have come back so many times, that I should be renamed as someone from the clan of ‘Backlog’. I have been making and killing blogs (Y2A Slog, Hitwicked, AB’s Web Log) so religiously that actually I am enjoying this now. But, that is not my fault entirely. Y2A Slog got killed because it deserved it. I mean it was too immature but it was honest. I thought I will keep blogging on Hitwicked but it became more of a Devdas blog and I am a teetotaler so it didn’t go good with my style and it was honest as well, honestly. Then I moved on to Posterous (which is run by an Indian (ethnically) guy who used to work in Apple. Brilliant!) But those people don’t allow JavaScript as if JavaScript was taboo. Apple mentality probably. Although it’s not like that I cannot breathe without JavaScript but as compared to WordPress, Posterous looks so preposterous and miser types. Handling comments on Posterous was BORING. But for my loyal fans (who forgot to comment on last few posts of mine, but that’s okay keeping in mind you have a life too, what if it starts and ends online) I have imported all my readable posts, except those who bring embarrassment, to this blog. So YOU CAN READ ALL OF THEM right here on this very blog. Yes!

Though this time, I am not going to promise anything. And No-More-Hello-World-Posts as well. I might be regular, I might be irregular here. Blogging is one thing I never took seriously in life like a few people around take it. Of course I am joking, as when I was really into blogging, day and night I was thinking of things to write. But I never had a plan. I just sat to write and words started to flow (Everyone says so, though). Whereas, they researched on their posts and spent hours in drafting one. Wrote hajjar words and then proof-read it hajjar x 2 times till every word was shining and drool-worthy. I am talking about the big-guns and not you, obviously. And I was as serious as Google when they come up with some Social Networking site when it came to topics to write upon. But I like writing. I like to express myself through these blog posts and also aspire to get huge female fan following. And some networking with males as well, professional only.

When I see my ‘draft’ posts, their number crosses well over 40, so I take it as my moral responsibility to make them into… ahem… readable posts so that my loyal readers can read them. I hope there are still some people who have the audacity to read something over 140 characters. This goes for them. Muaaah.


General Reaction. I know. (Photo Courtesy: No idea. Downloaded long long back.)

Thus, without the already ado-ed ado, I think I am back. And I am thinking of making a category named ‘I-Am-Back’ in it to handle this coming and going drama.


  1. Yes!! I loved the html the css the template the words the wisecracks and the title 😛
    ok not really the title but that is because I dint know what it meant.
    Anyways good going ,dont end up killing this one!


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