There’s never a free lunch

While the Internet and Tech World is an allegedly-free-buffet of delicacies, the number of choices we have, revolves around only a handful of flavors.

We are so much accustomed to fighting over Android and iOS, we haven’t realized that these are the only 2 choices we have today. We do have other choices, but they are so poorly marketed, that even trying them deliberately is like making all the effort to go to Antarctica and then getting disappointed to see no Gol-Gappa stall.

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Local MLA feeling neglected due to US Elections

Octo 4 2020; FU News Correspondent, Goa, India

Local MLA has shared his utter disappointment through a Tweetstorm about him feeling neglected. He said that the whole world is more interested in US elections than their local issues. Most of the people in his own constituency, who voted for him and made him the MLA don’t remember his name but they know full biography of all the Presidential and Veep Candidates.

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So I recently watched: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Do you know which is the biggest superpower in the world? No, it’s not invisibility, or being all-powerful. But the biggest superpower there could be is the ability to speak what’s on your mind without any fear. If you could say what you were thinking without worrying about anything, then you are the most powerful being. And, of course, there are going to be repercussions and you might have to regret them later.

So, I recently (re)watched all 10 seasons of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and it is one of my favorite things on TV.

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How to fix Toastmasters for 2020?

I’ve repeated this so many times and I would do it again: Toastmasters is a non-profit organization that helps people become better communicators and leaders. If you aspire to be a good leader, the first step would be to be a good communicator. Being a Toastmasters’ Member gives you ample opportunities to build confidence, become a better thinker, gain experience at public speaking, meet amazing people, take learnings from and give help to other people, and overall develop a good personality. The organization has been around for over 90 years (which proves that it works!) and has had lakhs of members who have benefited from its conducive environment which lets one grow better at their own pace. It has brought a lot of positivity for myself and I have renewed as a Member again in October 2020 after continuing to be a member since June 2016. Although I have renewed again, according to me, this is the toughest time ever for Toastmasters in this 90 years journey. I have continued to stay on but I am sure that we are going to witness an unprecedented number of drop-outs this season. I can list out 100 ways in which Toastmasters can be beneficial to people but in this post, I want to share my opinion on the current problems and possible ways to fix them, if I may.

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Millennials are Idiots

They say that if you yourself are at the receiving end, you are free to call names. So don’t worry, I am a Millennial too. This is just click-bait.

Anytime I open the Newspaper on a weekend, or by chance I stumble upon any trashy websites (like those which end on -feed or -whoop), more often than not, the term ‘millennials’ comes to the fore. The below is just a result of Google News for the term ‘Millennial’ done while writing this post.

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In 1898, a Global Urbanization Conference was held in New York. The motive was to plan for the urban centers of the world. The biggest point of discussion there was on how to get rid of Horse Manure from the cities, yes you read it right, Horse Dung. In fact, it was estimated that if civic authorities don’t take any action soon, within 50 years London would be buried under about 9 feet of Horse Dung.

Just few years later, automobiles became prevalent.

The future will always be uncertain. Immediate issues of contention might not be relevant in the future. So, unless the future danger is very real like Climate Change, very long term thinking might not be fruitful to anyone.