So I recently watched: Wonder Woman

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I recently watched the latest outing from DC, Wonder Woman. The supposedly best female Superhero since last 75 years without a proper movie till now. First things first, I have never read any of Wonder Woman’s comics but I did watch a bit of that 70s TV movie they made with Lynda Carter (may be […]

So I recently read: The Art of Public Speaking, by Dale Carnegie

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So, I just finished reading, The Art of Public Speaking. Have taken interest in learning to speak better in public, I had heard of this book a lot from many people who kept on quoting from it. So I bought it from Amazon one day and delved into it. Here are some of the things I […]

So I Worked in a Movie

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I didn’t get a chance to say these lines… but still, I got to work in a feature film. Things happened in the following fashion: Back in 2012, when I was getting fame and money for the minimal posters, film-maker Sandeep Mohan approached me to make official posters for his movie, Love Wrinkle-Free. So I made […]

International Speech Contest – Who Am I?

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I recently participated in Toastmasters’ International Speech Contest. This starts at your club level, then Area, then Division, then District and then Internationally. I won at my club level, surprisingly. And then moved to participate in Area level at IIM Bangalore. Although, I didn’t win there but I did good, as per my own expectations. […]

Toastmasters Speech 8 : You're Fired!

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Transcript of my 8th speech in Toastmasters. This uses Visual Aids. Aids means help (please!). Toastmaster of the Day, Fellow Toastmasters & Guests! Good Afternoon! Before starting, I would request you to please spend few seconds on this slide. Thank you! So!   How many of you have seen this around? No, I’m not talking […]

Toastmasters Speech # 7 ‘Anonymous’

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Greetings citizens of the World! Speech 7 in Toastmasters is ‘Research your topic’ where one has to search and research about some topic and deliver a 5-7 minutes Speech. I recently had watched We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) on Netflix which gave me this idea to speak about ‘Anonymous’ the hacker + […]

Toastmasters Speech # 6 ‘Stranger Things’

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This is the script of my CC6 Vocal Variety Speech in Toastmasters: Who all here believe in God?   And who all believe in the “other entity”? Rest are atheists here or just shy so that ‘they’ don’t listen to you? Fellow Toastmasters welcomed Guests and those “guests” who are not welcomed but are here […]

Toastmasters Speech # 5 ‘S.H.I.T. It’s about time!’

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This is my 5th Speech in Toastmasters from CC manual: After World War 2, when Japan was trying to rebuild their economy, THEY WERE BROKE, BUT NOT BROKEN. They wanted to make the best use of the resources they still had. So one of their industrialists, Toyota, devised a technique called as ‘Just-in-time’ or ‘JIT’ […]