One time I watched a movie called 1408, starring John Cusack on my computer. I enjoyed it. As they say, it was a one time watch Horror movie. It ended normally, life went on, things became usual.

Few days later, the same movie was being shown on TV. I thought of watching it again. When the climax came, something was off.

When I had watched on the computer earlier, the ending was different. When they showed on TV, the ending was different. Without spoiling, I can say that in one case, a character dies, while in another ending he doesn’t.

That weirdness blew my mind. I tried to think harder whether I actually watched the movie earlier or not. Or it was some new format of Deja Vu I was experiencing. It kept on wondering what’s the deal with this or should I get myself checked.

Turned out that the movie 1408 had 2 deliberate endings. One was the US version while another was Canadian.

It was a temporary but a great experience to feel out of control about what one had witnessed first hand. It was like a dream which feels real. Kind of like limbo.

Good fun.

Here’s its Minimal Poster by the way.