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  • The Waiting Time
    In whatever hurry, you may be, the waiting time doesn’t care,ok, you might have an appointment,but crossing the receptionist, you shouldn’t dare.
  • Happy 20th Birthday Wikipedia
    There might be hardly a day on the Internet when I would not have used Wikipedia to satisfy my curiosity about something. And there has been no day when I didn’t open a page on Wikipedia and just closed it after reading. It has always led to opening a link on that page, and anotherContinue reading “Happy 20th Birthday Wikipedia”
  • It is here and that’s great but…
    People around the world would react differently to Corona Virus Vaccines. Not biologically but with their actions, they would act differently. In India, Manish Kumar was the first to get inoculated. The name might not have the same zing as William Shakespeare who was the 2nd person to be vaccinated in the world after MargaretContinue reading “It is here and that’s great but…”
  • Injured XI to Underdogs XI
    No the name above is not a name of any country’s president. What would one do if almost every ace player in the team is either injured, or is on leave, or unavailable? The show should still go on, they say. For instance, currently, in the Indian Cricket Team playing a series in Australia, theContinue reading “Injured XI to Underdogs XI”
  • When any experience is never enough
    Sankranti Kite flying is a sight to behold and a sport that matches nothing. The numerous colorful rhombuses adoring the blue and bright sky of January make the wintery day feel warmer than it might be. People of all ages climb on their rooftops, put on loud music, and try to compete with the windContinue reading “When any experience is never enough”
  • Decision Decades
    I tried (a bit) but couldn’t find the source behind this quote: Deciding what to do with the rest of your life in your early 20s is like deciding what you want for dinner before you’ve had breakfast… Now when I am not in my 20s anymore, this makes perfect sense. I am guessing thatContinue reading “Decision Decades”
  • Political Mandala
    Being political has become derogatory nowadays. If someone calls you liberal or conservative, it feels like it is an insult while it shouldn’t be. Same way, it has become binary. You cannot have different views on different topics but you always have that. Nobody has black or white standpoints. Most of us are just inContinue reading “Political Mandala”
  • Test Cricket is like life
    As spectators or lovers of the game, we don’t have any control over the outcome. More so when you are watching the game from a distance and your cheer can’t reach the players. The reverse is not true though. The outcome of the game can actually impact your day. Test Cricket, however low attendance itContinue reading “Test Cricket is like life”
  • FU News: Machine Learning Model for Predicting Maid Abstaining Days
    It might come as a surprise but the Data Scientists at FU News are humans too. It is their duty to present useful information to the world but they cannot be held accountable if the heap of utensils in the sink grows exponentially large. That’s because they cannot do the dishes if they have toContinue reading “FU News: Machine Learning Model for Predicting Maid Abstaining Days”
  • So I recently watched: Fargo
    Wide-angle shots. A vast expanse of barren lands covered with snow. The crime just happened or about to happen. Great percussion music in the background building up the scene. Characters who indulge you in hyping up the scene with great acting. Tense situation. A bullet about to go off. And then all of sudden, outContinue reading “So I recently watched: Fargo”
  • Riches be crazy
    Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world. A few days ago it was Jeff Bezos. A few years ago, it was Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet and so on. As one may notice, they all are still in the top 10 or so richest people in the world. And they have beenContinue reading “Riches be crazy”
  • Nobody’s Perfect
    To be without a king is better than having an arrogant king. Kautilya One of the most brilliant inventions of the human mind is Democracy. It gives satisfaction to people that their own representatives govern them back. At least in theory. In India, democracy is something we all cherish and be proud of. It tookContinue reading “Nobody’s Perfect”
  • Don’t get your hopes up
    One time, my parents were coming from North India to Bangalore (South India). They boarded the flight around 9 AM and they were scheduled to land by 11.30 AM which they did. I lived in Central-Southern Bangalore then. So, I started around 9 AM from my place and I reached the airport around 12 PM.Continue reading “Don’t get your hopes up”
  • Finding Common Ground
    It is a tricky thing to achieve when nobody is willing to budge. Right Wing and Left Wing Supporters lock horns all the time. Government and the Opposition are always at loggerheads. Countries sharing borders are always in an argument about which side owns that particular amount of land. Unless the land is ‘Bir Tawil’.Continue reading “Finding Common Ground”
  • You Vax, You Lose?
    It is a good thought experiment to consider that the world is a simulation. You are living in a Matrix and your life is just a program. All your actions and even your thoughts are just someone’s gigantic piece of code. If you’re not living in a Matrix or The Truman Show, then why wasContinue reading “You Vax, You Lose?”
  • Bargaining Skills are a passé
    Before I begin, I would like to take this opportunity to thank e-commerce websites. Thank you! They have not only totally taken over the businesses of nearby and faraway local grocery stores, but they have also left no stone unturned in making us truly lazy. But that’s not the main reason. For me, one ofContinue reading “Bargaining Skills are a passé”
  • What’s the deadline for accepting Happy New Year Wishes?
    If there’s something more cliche than gifting and receiving Soanpapdi on Diwali, it is the Happy New Year wishes. Saying Happy New Year to each and everyone with a smiling face is prevalent universally. The only day one would smile and greet others with the same intensity is the day when one is throwing aContinue reading “What’s the deadline for accepting Happy New Year Wishes?”
  • Start of the decade is here
    Janus, the Greek God behind the name of January, has 2 heads. One head looking backward, and another towards the future. Probably, that was the reason for adapting January as the 1st month of the Julian Calendar Year. Many countries like India and China still maintain their own Lunar Calendars but January is the firstContinue reading “Start of the decade is here”
  • Year 2020 End Blog Post
    120 odd blog posts this year! Out of these, 100 or more have been published daily for the last 100 or so days. Total Words 41,227+. Average words per post 352. That’s a big achievement so a self-pat-on-the-back is a given. So, I have nothing to sum up as consolidated thoughts today. 2020 has beenContinue reading “Year 2020 End Blog Post”
  • A bit about Crying
    It was the wedding of my cousin in 2014. In fact, it the time of farewell when the bride was about to leave with the husband to her new home. It was the time when everyone was teary eyed. Partly because in India family profusely cries when their daughter is about to leave. And partlyContinue reading “A bit about Crying”
  • If it is not Agoraphobia
    I gifted a book called ‘Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’ to someone recently. Gifting such book is like poking inside a Socket with a Tester Screwdriver. The only problem being is not that you don’t know that there is an electric current there. Rather it is that youContinue reading “If it is not Agoraphobia”
  • Reading in 2020 runs the yearly Reading Challenge year after year. One has to commit to reading a certain number of books in the year to participate. There is no award but it is just a personal goal. Reading more is a goal for me as I very strongly believe that people whom I consider smart, areContinue reading “Reading in 2020”
  • J
    Stay home till it’s cured, they said. Don’t go out yet, it’s still really bad. Try to stay sane, mental health is serious, don’t go mad. So much has already happened, it is indeed a tad bit sad. I obeyed, duly complied, stood at one place, didn’t move. I understood the implications, nobody had toContinue reading “J”
  • So I recently watched: Disney-Pixar Soul
    If you have been through a lot in 2020, like everyone else, you aren’t alone. But if you want to end the year on a positive note, I suggest that you watch the new Disney Pixar movie ‘Soul’. It makes a great Christmas/New Year movie which can be watched with your family. It is availableContinue reading “So I recently watched: Disney-Pixar Soul”
  • But we don’t celebrate
    From Netflix’s Comedians in Cars getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais: “Auschwitz, December 25, 1944 In a dark, dull, and desolate dorm, cramped with many thin, malnutritioned, ready to give up faces, a Schutzstaffel kommander enters. He announces, “tis the time and the Fadar Christmas tells me to release you all. You canContinue reading “But we don’t celebrate”
  • Not a Foodie
    Before I try to disintegrate the etymology of the gastronomically stupid word ‘Foodie’, let me just put it out there: I like food. I have an interest in food. I eat food every day. I have never fasted in my life. I am not planning to fast unless I want to try the kewl intermittentContinue reading “Not a Foodie”
  • Stop the jokes right now itself
    We still have time. You remember, last time we made jokes about how Indians have strong immunity that nothing can make us sick. And see where we are right now? A new strain has come. From the UK. Another even more infectious has come from South Africa. Even kids are susceptible now. The vaccine mightContinue reading “Stop the jokes right now itself”
  • Acronyms can GFT
    A rant is due from a long time. Here it goes: One time I had a dream. It was somewhat like this: I woke up from deep sleep, got ready, and went out to buy something. As soon I reached a shop, I asked the shop owner to give me something. He asked me ‘What?’.Continue reading “Acronyms can GFT”
  • So I recently watched: The Great Conjunction
    Rating: 🌟🌟 Of course. A celestial event which last happened 800 years ago when except some astrologers, nobody would have even cared for, happened again. It won’t repeat again for many years, certainly nobody alive right now would be able to view it again. Unless, cryogenics becomes cool. So, I went out in the eveningContinue reading “So I recently watched: The Great Conjunction”
  • Waiting before Shipping
    Jerry Seinfeld in talk with Tim Ferris said this about writing: When you write something (or create anything worth sharing), be kind to yourself as you have just accomplished a difficult task. Savor the feeling of having done something good. In case you share that with someone and they find problems with it, your senseContinue reading “Waiting before Shipping”